Married at First Sight: Amber gets jealous as Dave flirts with her friend

Amber Martorana doesn't react well when Dave flirts with her friend on Married at First Sight
Amber is a little bit insecure but when Dave flirts with her friend, does she overreact? Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s no secret that Amber Martorana from Married at First Sight is a little bit insecure. She’s been battling her feelings all season after learning that Dave Flaherty has a thing for brunettes and she is currently a blonde.

Amber fretted about her marriage because she felt like Dave might be disappointed to have her as a wife. After all, all her bridesmaids were tall and brunette, exactly her husband’s type.

Nevermind the fact that Amber’s natural hair color is brunette and she’s complained about the bleach she uses frying her hair, she refuses to go dark again. In fact, when Dave suggested she stop bleaching it, Amber accused him of trying to get her to darken her hair, rather than solve a relatively simple issue.

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Now, we’re dealing with Amber’s insecurity again and it’s not looking pretty.

On the next episode of Married at First Sight, Amber gets really upset at Dave for flirting with her friends. Note to Dave: do not flirt or even talk to Amber’s friends. She will freak out.

In any case, it all went down when Amber and Dave showed up to an exercise class with camera crews in tow. A few of Amber’s friends were there to take the class with them, which seems innocuous enough.

However, when Dave complimented the women, Amber totally took it the wrong way. In the clip, she even said that she was worried that Dave found her friend her friend attractive.

Amber reminded everyone that Dave loves tall brunettes and guess what this particular friend is — a tall brunette! Apparently, Dave can’t even look in another woman’s direction without Amber feeling inferior.

Will Amber and Dave manage to make their marriage work with her worried about every interaction he has with other women?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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