Mariahlynn launches vicious attack on Sophia Body on Love & Hip Hop: New York

Mariahlynn on Love & Hip Hop
Mariahlynn on Love & Hip Hop

Mariahlynn launches a vicious attack on Sophia Body on this week’s Love & Hip Hop: New York — after she finds out her man James R has been making moves on Sophia.

The drama unfolds as Sophia helps James R shoot steamy scenes for the video to his new single Bad Girl as he tries to get even with Mariahlynn following the drama at her single release party last week

James R tells producers after filming a sizzling scene on a bed: “I know when someone’s acting and when they’re not, and I tell you right there there was definitely some chemistry going on between us.”

But then things kick off when Mariahlynn walks in and Sophia tells her that he had told her he was single. She then asks James R: “I thought you said you wasn’t with her anymore?” He just responds with a smile and an “ummmmmm”.

After grilling James R, Mariahlynn then turns her attention to Sophia and asks her if he was trying to get in with her. She says: “Of course.” But Mariahlynn maintains her focus on Sophia and replies: “Now let’s get the truth. You knew that he was with me right?”

An increasingly agitated Sophia says: “Alright, if you let me talk. Let me talk…”

But she doesn’t have time to finish as Mariahlynn launches herself across the bed at Sophia’s head, knocking her face-first over the bed as security leap in to try and pull the pair apart.

Mariahlynn’s single release party last week saw James R question DJ Self about his intentions with his girl, but when she told James he had to respect her boss he told her: “I’m done.”

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop also sees Dreamdoll confront Bianca about her issues with Bri, while Lil’ Mo and Karl are looking for a comeback. Meanwhile, Navarro tries to fix the bad blood between Anais and Ashley.

Watch the drama unfold between Mariahlynn and Sophia in the clip below.

Love & Hip Hop airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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