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Man is cursed by a witch and stalked by a demon in A Haunting

Lee Moore pictured holding his hands against his head as a demon stalks him
An evil demon craves Lee Moore’s body and soul in A Haunting

On this week’s episode of A Haunting — the story of a man stalked by a demon out to claim his body and soul.

Lee Moore has felt the dark presence of something stalking him for years, often in his dreams.

It seemed to start when his then girlfriend Alyssa met a new friend and started to grow distant.

The friend turned out to be a practicing witch and performed darks rituals or spells aimed at him.

Alyssa and her friend perform a spell aimed at Lee
Alyssa and her friend perform a spell aimed at Lee

After this Lee noticed strange noises around the house and had even more intense and terrifying nightmares.

Finally he split with Alyssa and headed to a new town to try and make something of himself.

Five years later and Lee met and fell in love with Claire. The two got hitched and set up for married life.

However, soon the malign force made an appearance and attacked a pregnant Claire.

Lee was terrified and turned to a ghost hunter who told the shaken man that he is being a targeted not by a ghost but by a demon.

Demonoligists are consulted and perform a cleansing on the home. All seems well until one night months later when the same ghost hunter appears out of the blue.

She insists another ritual must be performed and by the morning Lee is very sick with an illness that the doctors cannot diagnose.

Can he be saved from the demon that has stalked its prey for so long?

Watch a clip from tonight’s episode of A Haunting below.

Watch A Haunting – Love Curse 4 at 9/8c on TLC.

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