Maggie on Charmed: Sarah Jeffery is ready to shine

Sarah Jeffery as Maggie Vera on Charmed
Maggie Vera learns she has an older sister on Charmed. Pic credit: CW network

Charmed is back with a reboot on the CW and everyone is talking about the three sisters who are leading the show. Maggie Vera is the baby of the family and she is played by Sarah Jeffery. The character has a lot to reconcile with her newfound normal, something that will be explored as the show moves on.

Fans may recognize Sarah Jeffery from her stint on Shades of Blue as Cristina Santos. She was the daughter of Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and appeared on the show quite a lot during the final season. While this was not her most notorious role, it was the most recent aside from Maggie Vera on Charmed.

Jeffery has built quite a tween/teen fan base stemming from her role in Descendants, a Disney Channel Original Movie. She played Audrey, the daughter of Princess Aurora. The movie was incredibly popular when it first came out and Jeffery was part of the original hype.

For her role as Maggie Vera, Sarah Jeffery plays the sister who wants to remain normal. She is a college freshman and wants to continue living life despite her powers and the newfound sisterly bond.

Initially, it was just Maggie and Mel living together. When Macy showed up, her entire life was turned upside down.

Maggie Vera has the power of reading minds. The original Charmed series featured Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) having the power of premonition, which isn’t quite the same. It looks like Maggie is a cross between Phoebe and Piper (Holly Marie Combs), especially because of her need to remain normal after finding out her destiny.

At just 22, Sarah Jeffery has had an interesting career. After playing Audrey and acting opposite Jennifer Lopez, there isn’t much this young woman can’t do. She has spoken out about her love for Maggie and her hopes that fans will enjoy this version of Charmed as it is their own and not just a knockoff of the original.

Charmed airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on the CW.

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