LugBug on Shark Tank: No more pain carrying your baby around

LugBug on Shark Tank
LugBug could change the car seat industry. Pic credit: Shark Tank/Disney ABC Press

LugBug could potentially change the way new parents handle troublesome car seats. It’s no secret that parents drag car seats around with newborns and on Shark Tank, you’ll see the baby gear breakthrough that’s changing the way we carry our babies.

From doctor’s appointments, visits, hospital trips, grocery shopping – you name it, the baby has to go everywhere and the car seat is going too. But Nathan Day, the creator of LugBug, was shocked to learn how hard it is to carry a car seat.

It wasn’t so much the weight of the seat with the baby but more his posture given the position of the car seat handle. a problem many new parents can attest to. So Day created a sturdy and easy-to-use handle designed to keep parents comfortable and kids safe while on the move.

The handle can be attached to the car seat, so it is easier to carry around. Rather than parents carrying the car seat forward or backward, the handle allows you to hold the car seat in a natural and neutral wrist posture, which reduces tension in the wrist, arm, and shoulder.

The handle is made with eco-friendly materials and comes in a variety of color combinations to ensure you get one that matches with your car seat and personality.

Nathan Day realized that something had to be done after he dislocated his shoulder while carrying his infant daughter around in her car seat. In an interview shared on the company’s YouTube channel, he explains that he was in shock to see how poor your posture becomes when carrying around these car seats.

As for parents, they appear to be raving about the product. On the LugBug website, you can read testimonials from parents who love the ease of the handle. Some people reveal that it is a breeze to use, while others point to no more back pain.

The product is listed on the LugBug website, but it says that pre-orders are currently underway and are expected to be shipped out in November 2018. The product is also listed on Amazon, but it says the product is currently unavailable, possibly because it is currently in production. The LugBug is listed at $39.99, shipping only within the United States.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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