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Love Island USA: Which couple will receive the least amount of votes Yamen and Christen, Caro and Cormac, or Weston and Katrina?

Yamen and Christen, Cormac and Caro or Weston and Katrina which Love Island couple will get the least amount of votes?
Who is going to be eliminated on Love Island USA, Cormac and Caro, Weston and Katrina, or Yamen and Christen? Pic credit: CBSColin Young-Wolff

Couples face their first potential elimination tonight by fan voting, as opposed to recoupling on Love Island USA.

Viewers were told to go to the Love Island USA app to vote for the most compatible couple at the end of last night’s episode. The pair with the least number of votes could be sent home without finding love or getting the $100,000 cash prize.

There are a few couples that are hands down not in jeopardy of being voted America’s least favorite duo.

Zac and Elizabeth, Cashel and Kyra, as well as Dylan and Alexandra, will no doubt be safe. Although the latter two probably won’t have the winning votes, they won’t be in danger of getting exiled either.

Of the remaining couples, let’s take a look at who has the best chance of being the least compatible pair.

Weston and Katrina

The jury is still out on Weston and Karina. Fans are not happy Weston sent Mallory packing, even though he was clear there was no love connection between the two.

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