Love & Hip Hop spoilers: Sidney Star’s mom sides with Nya Lee

Sydney Star talks to her mom on Love & Hip Hop New York
Even Sidney Star’s mom agrees with Nya Lee on Love & Hip Hop. Pic credit: VH1

On the next episode of Love & Hip Hop, we’ll meet Sidney Star’s mom, who meets up with Sidney to talk about her career and wants to know when she’s coming home.

It’s immediately clear that Sidney’s mom is very supportive of the trans hip hop hopeful but even she questions some of the choices that her daughter has made recently.

In a recent Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, Sidney Star opens up about her fight with Nya Lee and how the two nearly came to blows. When Sidney explains why they were feuding, her mom shockingly sides with Nya and suggests that maybe her daughter should really listen.

“Things have not been going as planned,” Sidney tells her mom in the LHHNY clip. “I met with Rich Dollaz but I kinda didn’t deliver as I should have.”

“He told me I was trash. He told me my delivery sucked.”

Then, Sindey starts to open up about the Nya Lee fight. “He helped me link up with another rapper, her name is Nya.”

We were supposed to work on my music but when we linked up to meet, she had me there to help me with clothes. To change me up.”

Sidney is still upset that Nya wanted to work on her image and still feels like she should be flaunting her cleavage and working on her music instead.

As Sidney explained the altercation with her mom, even she suggested that Sidney calm down and listen to Nya’s advice. After all, Rich Dollaz asked Nya Lee to help her.

Sidney Star's mom on Love & Hip Hop
Sidney Star’s mom thinks her daughter should listen to Nya Lee and Rich Dollaz. Pic credit: VH1

Sidney goes even further, explaining to her mom that she doesn’t want to cover up her breasts since that is what makes her feel like a woman. However, she needs to get her career going the right direction so she can have her other surgery.

Watch Sidney Star and her mom in the Love & Hip Hop clip above and make sure to tune in to see how it all plays out.

Love & Hip Hop airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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