Love & Hip Hop spoilers: Rich Dollaz confronts Ashley after baby mama Miracle is concerned

Rich Dollaz on Love & Hip Hop New York
Rich Dollaz has been there to support baby mama Miracle Kaye Hall this season and now he’s stepping up to parent Ashley as well. Pic credit: VH1

On Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Rich Dollaz has stepped up in a big way to support his baby mama, Miracle Kaye Hall, as she battles to beat an aggravated assault charge. Now, he’s learning that the stress of this legal drama is starting to weigh heavily on his daughter Ashley too.

In the latest Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, VH1 teases that we’ll be seeing more of Rich, Miracle and Ashley in the next episode. It all goes down when Miracle calls Rich because she’s concerned that Ashley is no longer going to her classes.

In the clip, we see Miracle contact Rich on a video call to ask him to help their daughter. Then, we see Rich seated with Ashley as they talk about her mom’s report that she’s not going back to school.

“I couldn’t even go to class. I can’t focus,” Ashley tearfully tells her dad. Her mom’s legal issues are clearly stressing her out.

Miracle is still trying to beat the charges stemming from an altercation last year with her then-husband Theaudry Hall, whom she shot. Miracle claims she was acting in self defense.

Initially, Miracle was charged with attempted murder but the charges were soon downgraded to aggravated assault. She was offered a plea deal that would have spared Rich Dollaz’ baby mama any jail time but she didn’t want to take it and have a felony on her record.

On Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop, we’ve already seen Rich come to Miracle’s aid, first bailing her out of jail and then insisting she get a better attorney than the public defender she was using.

Again, Rich Dollaz was the voice of reason, trying to help Miracle to realize just how much trouble she really could be in if she doesn’t take the charges against her very seriously.

As this season gets closer to its end, we’re seeing the effects of Miracle’s legal trouble as it really does start to affect their daughter Ashley. Now, Rich’s daughter isn’t going to school, which is something he was very worried about from the start.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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