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Love After Lockup: What happens when you try to marry the prisoner of your dreams?

Love After Lockup promotional artwork
Love After Lockup follows couples transitioning from love behind bars to the marriage altar

Love After Lockup on WE tv follows couples who start dating while one of them is behind bars — then follows them after the inmate’s release as they head on the path to marriage!

As you can imagine, this doesn’t always go smoothly.

The series — from the producers of 90 Day Fiance — features six couples, each of which started dating when one of them was incarcerated. Often from different backgrounds, most of them fell in love on inmate dating websites.

But letting family and friends in your normal life that you’re dating a convict isn’t always easy, and some of them try to keep it a secret. But what happens when your new partner is finally freed and you have to start a relationship in the outside world, and even plan to get married?

Love After Lockup sees cameras follow the couples, who have never previously had unsupervised contact with each other, as they get to know each other in the real world and experience a string of firsts like meeting the family and going on dates.

But as could be expected, having a criminal record doesn’t make life easy — whether it’s finding a job of getting judged by your partner’s nearest and dearest. And what if not everything has been quite as it seems.

One partner in the series, Scott — sent his incarcerated girlfriend Lizzie more than $20,000 over the course of their relationship after meeting on prison pen pal website But has she been taking him for a ride and just using him for financial support?

The couples taking part are Johnna and Garrett, of Tampa, FL; Andrea and Lamar of Lehi, UT; Mary and Dominic from Toronto, Canada, Alla and James from Chicago, IL, Angela and Tony from Grenada, MS; and Scott and Lizzie from Oxnard, CA.

Love After Lockup trailer

Love after Lockup airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv. 

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