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Love After Lockup: Andrea’s kids fear for her safety as they meet Lamar

Andrea on Love After Lockup
Andrea talks to her kids about Lamar on this week’s Love After Lockup
Andrea’s kids fear for her safety as they meet Lamar on this week’s Love After Lockup on WE tv.

Former rapper Lamar spent 18 years locked up before being released, and his background is a far cry from Andrea’s life in a Mormon community.

And when the ex-gangbanger meet Andrea’s Mormon children for the first time they express just how they feel about him.

The episode, titled Race to the Altar, also sees Andrea discover Lamar’s parole rules, which could put a hitch in their plan to get married.

Watch the sneak peek below as Andrea’s son says after learning Lamar was supposed to be visiting for the weekend: “I’m not too hyped about Lamar. He was in prison for a long time so…it’s going to be awkward.”

Andrea's son on Love After Lockup
Andrea’s son discusses his hesitations about Lamar

Meanwhile, this episode for the rest of the Love After Lockup cast sees Johnna’s dad sew seeds of doubts in her mind about what Garrett’s motives really are, and at one point tells her: “I’m done with this s***.”

Meanwhile Mary is second-guessing Dom’s commitment. Watch the trailer for Love after Lockup Season 1 Episode 6 below!

Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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