Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt: How much time did Lorena serve in jail?

Lorena is a documentary coming to Amazon in February. Pic credit: Amazon

Lorena Bobbitt is the name of the woman who cut off her husband’s penis in 1993. Amazon Prime is releasing a four-part documentary by Jordan Peele on February 15, which will tell the story of how Lorena got to the point where she felt she had no other choice.

The trial of Lorena Bobbitt will be part of the new documentary, and Lorena herself will talk about the incident, which happened 25 years ago.

As for Lorena, she was acquitted back in early 1994. She received a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity, and her lawyer said she was fully exonerated. However, she was kept in custody because the state’s mental health commissioner questioned whether she was a danger to herself.

She stayed in a psychiatric facility for 45 days before she was released. Lorena wasn’t charged with attempted murder, but instead with malicious wounding, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years if found guilty.

John Bobbitt was later found not guilty of sexual abuse during a separate trial.

After the trial, she decided to keep a low profile, focusing instead of getting her citizenship and bringing her family to the states from South America. She would later meet a new man, have a daughter, and become an advocate for other domestic abuse victims.

As viewers will come to know after the documentary premieres, Lorena claims that she was abused in her marriage and eyewitnesses claimed to have witnessed the abuse.

Many people have often questioned what happened to the penis after it was cut off.

John had a friend take him to the hospital, and after a nine-hour surgery, doctors were able to reattach it and return it to normal function. As for Bobbitt, he claims it is normal again, but he’s scared to mess with it.

Lorena is set to be released on February 15 on Amazon Prime.

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