Locar on The Orville: Everything you need to know about Kevin Daniels’ engineer

Locar on The Orville: Everything you need to know about Kevin Daniels' engineer
Locar and Talla on The Orville. Pic credit: Kevin Daniels

This week’s episode of The Orville focused heavily on the character of Locar (Kevin Daniels). But what do we really know about this Moclan engineer?

This week, fans learned that Locar is not only brilliant at what he does but he is also someone who used to date Bortus (Peter Macon).

Locar and forbidden love on The Orville

While the reason for their breakup was unknown, it was clear that Bortus was uncomfortable about being around his ex, while Locar was not quite as uptight about everything. This also clearly creates tension with Klyden (Chad Coleman), as well.

However, things took a turn when Locar admitted that he was attracted to Talla (Jessica Szohr). This came as a huge surprise since a Moclan being attracted to a woman is an anomaly -— and that could prove dangerous for Locar.

This is an interesting storytelling technique for The Orville. Unlike real-world society where there is still intolerance by many towards LGBTQ lifestyles, the fact that the Moclans share this anger and intolerance — but in their case for those who are attracted to the opposite sex — is fascinating.

Talla reciprocated the attraction and she took Locar to the simulation of small town USA and the two began to make out. However, Talla was called away and Klyden showed up and — based on footage from the ship’s biosensors — disintegrated Locar.

This was a huge moment — Locar dying because of who he was. It also angered Talla, who went after Bortus about it and also laid into the Moclan captain and crew about how they treated the engineer.

Of course, there was a twist. Locar faked his own death by doctoring the footage and framing an innocent man. When Talla learned what happened, he told her that if she turned him in, he would face harsh punishment.

It was all for naught, as Locar ended up sentenced for his crimes of loving someone of the opposite sex and -— as the Moclans are known for — there was no sympathy or change.

Who played Locar on The Orville?

Kevin Daniels portrayed Locar on The Orville. While he has been acting for over 20 years now, Daniels is a life-time character actor who has been in a ton of TV shows, but rarely in a lasting role.

His most popular work likely came on the 2014 comedy series Sirens. On the series about Chicago EMT paramedics, Daniels was one of the leads, Hank St. Clare, an openly gay paramedic on the team.

He more recently took on the role of Coach Briggs on the Netflix series Atypical.

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