LIVE’s Kelly Ripa advises her daughter Lola Consuelos on her singing career

Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos at different events
Kelly Ripa offered her daughter some professional advice on her singing career. Pic credit: ©

Success doesn’t come easy or overnight, but it helps to have talented, famous parents get a jump start, as with Lola Consuelos.

Live with Kelly and Mark’s stars, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who have been in the entertainment business for years and know all the ins and outs, undoubtedly helping their daughter Lola.

Kelly and Mark are officially empty-nesters now that Lola made her move to London last fall, and while they are getting used to that status, they are still helping Lola.

Kelly and Mark’s other children, Joaquin and Michael, live in Michigan and New Jersey. The former is in college at the University of Michigan, and the latter is working for Andy Cohen in a roundabout way on the Bravo reality franchise.

Lola is trying to jump-start her singing career in London and sharing her struggles on Instagram. This time, mom Kelly Ripa jumped in and offered her some advice.

Lola captioned her post, “ugh I haveeeee to take pictures in the studio cause I haveeeee to show u that I’m a singerrrrr.”

Kelly Ripa shared some excellent advice with Lola

Lola had a mini whine-fest over the need to take some photos in a studio to show everyone that she is indeed a singer.

Lola has lately been offering up covers of songs on her Instagram and feels the need to take some photos that show her singing in a studio, but her mom, Kelly, thinks otherwise.

Kelly and Mark have been busy visiting Lola as often as they can and certainly keep up to date with everything Lola is working on, which could be why Kelly replied to Lola on Instagram.

Kelly shared some sage advice for Lola on her Instagram post, “Just sing it babe.” Perhaps Kelly has the right idea for Lola to stop worrying and sing.

Other fans then shared their thoughts, with one asking, “When’s the album coming out? I need to start playing your beautiful voice instead of my yacht rock.”

One fan said, “She’s working late cos she’s a singer.” And one last fan said, “She’s definitely a singer.”


Kelly Ripa gave her daughter Lola some advice on Instagram
Kelly Ripa replied to her daughter, Lola Consuelos, on Instagram. Pic credit: @theyoungestyung/Instagram

Kelly and Mark met up with their All My Children baby recently

Kelly and Mark played on the popular soap opera All My Children and had a baby named Enzo on the show. One of the twins who played that baby, Olivia Daddona, recently visited the LIVE set.

She revealed that she is three days younger than Kelly’s daughter Lola and still lives on Long Island after all this time.

Olivia could use this as her comeback to show business, especially if Kelly took the time to give her any advice.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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