Join six police forces fighting crime in real-time on A&E’s Live PD

Live PD will see arrests and other incidents across the country unfold in real time

Tonight on A&E, join six police forces across America in real-time as they fight crime on sensational new show Live PD.

The pioneering series uses dash-cams and other fixed and handheld cameras to broadcast footage of officers and the dramatic situations they come across on Friday nights as they happen.

Live PD promises to offer an “unfettered and unfiltered” view into some of the country’s busiest police forces, and comes at a time when the handling of crime is under scrutiny like never before.

The forces featured are Bridgeport Police Department in Connecticut; Walton County Sheriff in Florida’s Panhandle; the Richland County Sheriff, South Carolina; the Tulsa Police Department; the Arizona Department of Public Safety; and the Utah Highway Patrol.

Each two-hour episode will feature live footage — on a slight delay to stop anything too disturbing being broadcast — as the forces’ officers tackle a variety of incidents as they unfold

ABC’s Dan Abrams will hold fort in the studio alongside Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson, who will talk viewers through what’s going on at each location.

Dan Abrams, Kevin Jackson, Rich Emberlin on Live PD
Dan Abrams, Kevin Jackson, and Rich Emberlin, who will talk viewers through events live

Emberlin said: “Anything could happen. We can’t stop it, it’s live.”

People will also be able to interact with the show as it airs via social media, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the goings on in the studio.

A&E Executive Vice President Rob Sharenow said: “Every day the demand for more transparency in law enforcement continues to come from both civilians and police across the country.

“Live PD will not only highlight the difficult work being done by our men and women in uniform as they go out into the streets never knowing what to expect, but also answers citizens’ calls for clarity.”

A&E has so far ordered eight episodes of the groundbreaking new series, which will air over the coming weeks.

Watch the trailer for Live PD below.

Live PD premieres tonight, October 28, at 9/8c on A&E.

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