Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole brands co-star Christy Gibel a ‘ho’

Christy gives Terra the evils during the survival camp on this week's Little Women: LA
Christy gives Terra the evils during the survival camp on this week’s Little Women: LA

Terra Jole lets Christy Gibel know just how she feels about her on this week’s Little Women: LA — branding her an ‘out-of-her-mind ho’.

She comes out with the slur as the pair and the other Little Women: LA ladies take part in a survivalist retreat in a bid to heal the rifts between them.

Christy has had bad blood with the ladies for most of the season now and things don’t look like they’re going to get better any time soon — as every time she tries to apologise it goes wrong.

Last week her casino night was a catastrophe, and this week she tries to apologize to Terra and Briana Renee again while on the wilderness camp organised by Tonya Banks.

The camp leader tries to get Terra to go in a group of three with Christy, but she flatly refuses saying: “I will not be joining a team with her.”

A flustered Christy says under her breath: “Grow up!”

She then tells the ladies: “I’m trying to say sorry.”

But Terra then addresses the group, saying: “Pre-apology. This ho is like totally out of her mind.”

Little Women: LA this week also sees Terra getting worried about meeting her Dancing With The Stars partner Sasha Farber for the first time.

The series was filmed in the lead-up to the ABC show airing.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.


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