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Little Women: LA stars Terra Jole and Elena Gant have huge falling out

Picture of Terra Jole's anguished face as she argues with Elena Gant
Terra Jole argues with former BFF Elena Gant on this week’s Little Women: LA

Little Women: LA stars Terra Jole and Elena Gant have a huge falling out on this week’s episode — with the pair yelling at each other in an expletive-ridden row.

The pair have not seen eye-to-eye ever since Terra appeared on Dancing With the Stars last year, and Elena accused her of putting herself and her career before her family.

Terra totally lost it last week after finding out Elena hadn’t made her the godmother of her twins, and tonight Elena pulls her up about her actions at their baptism party.

But when Terra refuses to back down, sparks fly.

Also on this week’s Little Women: LA, Terra finds out whether she has breast cancer or not after getting the results of her biopsy back.

Meanwhile, Tonya holds a fashion show for her Little Boss Body Activewear, with her costars as models.

And Jasmine and Briana have a full-on row with her after finding out they were left of the guest-list.

Elena calls Terra out for ruining her sons' party.

Posted by Little Women on Monday, May 15, 2017

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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