Little Women: LA exclusive – Christy and Todd argue about his upcoming surgery

Christy Gibel on Little Women LA
Christy is frustrated with Todd as they wait for the doctor. Pic credit: Lifetime

On the next episode of Little Women: LA, Christy and Todd head to the doctor to talk about Todd’s surgery as they hope to do something about his mobility issues. This is clearly a huge point of stress for Christy, who is tired of not being able to do the things they want to do because Todd can’t handle many physical tasks.

Knowing what is going on with Todd and Christy in real-time makes this exclusive Little Women: LA clip even more interesting. Are we watching the death throes of Todd and Christy’s relationship? It really looks that way as the pair discuss Todd’s upcoming surgery and we get to see just a taste of the disconnect between them.

Christy Gibel on Little Women LA
Christy is frustrated with Todd as they wait for the doctor. Pic credit: Lifetime

As they wait, Christy is talking to Todd about the surgery and telling him that he needs to be more direct with his doctor about when the surgery is happening.

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“You want it more than I do,” Todd says flatly.

“Yep, as of right now we need to concentrate on one thing,” Christy says. “How we’re going to get your mobility better.”

It’s just the fact that we don’t do as much,” Christy continues. “Little things like going to dinner and then going watching the sunset. We don’t even do that, do you realize that?”

“We can watch the sunset,” Todd counters.

“Oh my God not staying in the freaking car!” Christy says, getting visibly irritated.

Todd seems to be okay with watching the sunset from behind the dashboard, but Christy wants to be able to walk along the beach and certainly, there are other things she wishes they could do as a couple. Not being able to do them because of Todd’s physical limitations has been frustrating for her. His disinterest in making things better has made it all even worse.

While still in the doctor’s office, Christy goes off on Todd about how she’s lost her identity. In response, he suggests that she should adjust but Christy says that she has done that.

In the confessional, Christy says she’s just trying to live her best life but that she can’t do that because “Todd is lazy.”

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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