Little Women Atlanta exclusive: Nico calls Sam ‘little rat’, gets slammed for derogatory comment

Nico and Sam clash on Little Women: Atlanta
Nico and Sam clash at Tanya’s house on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta

Tempers flare on Little Women: Atlanta tonight — as Tanya Scott’s baby daddy Nico Cobb calls Sam a “little rat”, while she brands him a “deadbeat”.

The pair end up in a full-blown argument at Tanya’s house, with her caught in middle, after Nico accuses Sam of trying to make him feel uncomfortable.

As he gets up to leave, he tells Tanya in reference to Sam: “You can have fun with your little friend.”

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A stunned Tanya points out that two of Nico’s daughter and son are both little people, saying: “I am appalled that the father of two of my children would make derogatory statements about little people.

“Just when I think that Nico is starting to grow up, he shows just how immature he really is.”

As Nico gets his stuff he puts on a mock evil laugh, saying: “We can all have little friends…”, before putting on a squeaky voice as he mimmicks Tanya saying “‘you know your son’s a little person too right?’…duh!”

Nico adds in reference to Sam: “I’m tired of looking and talking to that little rat.” But she hits back, saying: “Get the f*** out of here. Why are you even in the house any more?”

He says: “Because my kids live here.” Sam replies: “Alright, your kids…what? Recently that you just started being a father to? Ok…get out. I could be a rat, but you’re a deadbeat. Which one is which?”

The pair then launch into one another, before Nico storms out saying: “Have fun on your playdate!”

Little Women: Atlanta will air two back-to-back episodes tonight. Watch the drama unfold in our exclusive clip below!

Sam and Nico clash on Little Women: Atlanta

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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