Little Women: Atlanta exclusive – Andrea and Chris talk about their failed relationship

Andrea on Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea calls Chris to talk about their failed relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Andrea and Chris have never had an easy relationship and, despite having three children together, the Little Women: Atlanta star and her fiance may have hit the final bump in the road.

In the upcoming episode of the Lifetime series produced by Kinetic Content, titled Stealing My Shine, Chris calls Andrea and they end up talking about their failed relationship as they try to figure out just what went wrong for them as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

Andrea is still upset at Chris for no-showing at her sister Amanda’s wedding. Viewers may recall that it was supposed to be a joint wedding, where Andrea and Chris would get married too, but that ended up not happening and when Chris called, Andrea brought that up.

Andrea on Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea calls Chris to talk about their failed relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

“If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be,” Andrea says after Chris apologizes for messing up. “If it wasn’t meant to get married, it wasn’t meant to get married because I’m doing fine, you know…”

Andrea is putting on a brave face as she speaks with Chris but it’s pretty clear that she’s crushed. After all, she’s been fighting for their relationship and trying to get married to him for a few years now.

Chris has a history of taking off whenever things get tough and that’s exactly what he did again this time. Now, he’s talking about wanting to fix things with Andrea again and, as much as she wants that to happen, it looks like this half of the Tiny Twinz is really getting sick of reliving the same cycle with him over and over.

“I wanna marry Chris more than anything but I wish things weren’t messed up between us,” Andrea says in the confessional. “Until he proves to me that he’s gonna be there for me and the kids, I have to let him go.”

Andrea on Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea is tired of Chris walking out on her. Pic credit: Lifetime

Now, the ball is in Chris’ court and if he wants to keep his family together, he’s got a lot to prove to Andrea. As she reminded him, Chris has put her through a lot over the years.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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