Little People, Big World: Everything you need to know about Caryn Chandler, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend

Matt Roloff and girlfriend Caryn Chandler
Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler first went public with their relationship in March 2017, nearly two years after Matt and Amy announced that they were splitting in June 2015.

The divorce of the Little People, Big World stars was eventually finalized in May 2016 after nearly 30 years of marriage. The world first met the couple in 2006 when their reality TV series Little People, Big World premiered on TLC.

The series showed the couple working together on their pumpkin farm and raising their children, Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob.

Matt and Amy moved on quickly after they got divorced. Amy officially started dating Chris Marek late in 2017, after Matt confirmed in March that he was dating Caryn.

Since TLC’s Little People, Big World Season 14 premiered on April 2, interest has focused once again on Caryn Chandler and her relationship with Matt. Fans want to know more about Caryn and the timeline of their relationship.

Here is everything we know so far about Matt Roloff’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Caryn worked on the Roloff Farms for many years

Caryn worked with Matt and Amy at Roloff Farms for about a decade. She rose to the position of the farm manager and later Matt’s personal assistant. According to Matt, she played a key role in running the pumpkin farm.

She left her employment at Roloff Farms in 2018. The reasons why she left were not disclosed.

Caryn was married at the time she worked at Roloff Farms

Caryn was married at the time she worked with Matt in the late 2000s.

This led to questions about the timeline of Matt and Caryn’s relationship. Some fans wondered when the duo first began dating and whether Matt cheated on Amy with Caryn during the time he worked with her at Roloff Farms.

Some fans believe that Matt might have alluded to cheating on his wife in his 2007 book Little People, Big Values. He stated that Amy emphasizes commitment but he tends to “see most commitments – with some very notable exceptions — as flexible and negotiable.

Matt has denied speculation that he might have cheated on Amy with Caryn.

Matt first confirmed his relationship with Caryn on Instagram in March 2017

Matt first confirmed his relationship with Caryn when he took to Instagram in March 2017 to share a photo of the two attending Zach and Tori’s baby shower together.

When fans asked Matt if he and Caryn were dating, he answered, “Yes, I’ve started dating Caryn.”

Amy admitted that she’ struggled to get used to Caryn dating Matt

Amy admitted on Little People, Big World that after knowing Caryn for so many years as a Roloff Farms employee, she could not help feeling hurt to learn she was now dating her ex-husband.

She has struggled to get used to it but said: “it will always hurt to some degree.”

Caryn is on good terms with Matt and Amy’s children

Since Matt and Caryn first went public with their relationship, Matt and Amy’s children, Molly, Zachary, Jeremy, and Jacob, have had the time to adjust to the new situation.

They reportedly have a good relationship with Caryn and often spend time with her.

Caryn is a native of Arizona

Caryn was born in Arizona. Matt and Caryn often spend the winter months together in Arizona and they often go to see Caryn’s family.

Matt shared with fans in July 2018 that he purchased a house in Arizona that belonged to Caryn’s parents.

Caryn has children from a previous marriage

Caryn has two children from a previous marriage. She has a daughter named Brittany who is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. She also has a son named Connor.

Caryn had a nasty divorce battle with her ex-husband Joseph

Caryn and her ex-husband, Joseph Chandler, had a nasty divorce battle in 2012 after 20 years of marriage.

According to Radar Online, Oregon family court documents show that Caryn and her husband reached a divorce settlement months after Joseph’s filing in September 2012.

The documents show that Joseph quarreled with Caryn over her employment with the Roloffs. He also forbade Caryn from taking their 14-year-old son to the Roloff Farms to appear on Little People, Big World.

We don’t know exactly why Joseph was so upset about Caryn working for the Roloffs.

Caryn got a tattoo on her ankle in honor of Matt

In October 2017, months after Matt went public with their relationship, Caryn was photographed preparing for the pumpkin season at Roloff Farms sporting a letter R tattoo on her left ankle.

Fans speculated that the R was for Roloff and that she got the tattoo in honor of her new boyfriend.

Little People, Big World Season 14 premiered on April 2, 2019, on TLC.

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