Little People, Big World 2019 return date confirmed: Watch the trailer before TLC show comes back on for Season 14

Zach, Tori, and Jackson Roloff while filming Little People, Big World
Zach and Tori get news about his health on Season 14. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World is back for another season on TLC. The Roloff family has been around for quite a while and fans have become invested in their lives. With Season 14 just a few weeks away, there is a lot to catch up on.

Matt and Amy Roloff have both moved on with new partners but their interests remain mutual. There is the Roloff farm that they built and maintained for their children as well as themselves.

With both of them moving forward in separate relationships, a decision about the property has to be made.

What will Season 14 of Little People, Big World discuss?

Zach and Tori are back with their little boy Jackson. There are some health concerns for Zach as he sees a doctor about some back issues he has been experiencing. In the Little People, Big World trailer, Zach is seen on a table in a medical setting.

What is happening and how will it affect him?

Aside from the medical issues happening for Zach and Tori, the two are in over their head financially. Having two mortgages was discussed, and during a confessional, he revealed he was in over his head. What does this mean for their future?

Is the Roloff farm going to be sold?

There is going to be a lot of conflict about the Roloff farm during Season 14 of Little People, Big World. Matt and Amy have split and both are in relationships right now.

As the trailer plays on, it is clear that their partners are interested in a clean break from their spouses.

Matt is torn about giving up the farm and his friends pipe in, reminding him that the purpose of everything they built was for their children.

Buying each other out is also an option, but Amy seemed a little bummed when she realized she wouldn’t be back on the property ever again.

Season 14 of Little People, Big World is going to bring a lot of the issues the Roloff family is dealing with to the forefront. The trials and tribulations for them are real and when emotions are brought forth, anything can happen.

Little People, Big World Season 14 debuts Tuesday, April 2 at 9/8c on TLC.