Life Lift on Shark Tank: This could save your life

Life Lift
Life Lift will be pitching on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Life Lift is a creation by Tim Todd and Levi Wilson — a bunker-like shelter bed. The creation allows people to seek shelter in their own homes should a tornado hit.

The founders live in Oklahoma, one of the states often hit by tornados and severe weather.

The shelter bed is created using innovative technology that allows people to seek shelter above ground, making it friendly for people using wheelchairs.

It’s also ideal if you are moving and want to bring it with you. When it’s not in use, it looks like a standard bed.

Levi Wilson got the idea after he purchased a home without a storm shelter in the powerful Tornado Alley located in Oklahoma.

While he didn’t want a shelter that took up space, he quickly drew some ideas that could work. That’s when Tim got on board, as he’s the owner of the largest welding facility in the country.

The bed will rise to 57 inches in about a minute by pushing a button on a remote control. There’s a backup battery and a manual crank, in case everything fails.

Inside the bed, you’ll find battery-powered lights and USB chargers in case you need to follow along with what is happening on the outside.

If you don’t live in a tornado area, you’ll be pleased to learn that the bed can also protect you from other fearful situations, such as home invasions or terrorist attacks.

Other than the bed, the duo is working a pool table, kitchen island, and a work bench in the garage for quick hiding places.

Life Lift doesn’t sell the products on their website, but they are open for custom orders. To contact the company, use their website to get pricing information.

Shark Tank airs this Sunday at 8/7c for a double-episode night on ABC.

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