Liat and Trevor Gerszt: Who are ‘Flipping Out’ clients headed for divorce?

Liat and Trevor Gerszt
Liat and Trevor Gerszt, who are headed for a divorce, on a previous episode of Flipping Out. Pic credit: Bravo

Liat and Trevor Gerszt are getting a divorce. The couple has worked with Jeff Lewis for over a year, starting their remodel process back in 2017.

However, Lewis learns on the latest Flipping Out episode that they are divorcing and the team is stuck in the middle of the break-up news, not sure how to move forward with their project.

Trevor Gerszt founded Goldco Precious Metals back in October 2006. The company is ranked the number one Gold IRA provider by Inc Magazine. A Gold IRA is where precious metals, such as gold, is held in custody in the forms of bars or coins rather than paper assets.

The company’s vision is to provide peace of mind and financial stability for their clients. On the company’s website, Trevor writes a personal message, revealing that his highest priority is his family.

In addition to his company, Trevor Gerszt also launched CoinIRA in 2017 to meet the increasing demands of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin.

While his net worth isn’t known, he did hire Jeff Lewis last year for a remodel of their 1930s inspired classic Spanish-Hollywood mansion. The project would cost close to $7 million.

The home, which is right next door to Khloe Kardashian’s home, is located in the heart of Calabasas.

Liat Gerszt is a hypnotherapist, working with clients to restore inner peace. She lists her specialties on LinkedIn as past life regression, relationship enhancement, self-esteem, smoking, and stress. Liat has been working as a hypnotherapist at Restore Inner Peace.

She also worked in the casting department on Cats Dancing on Jupiter from 2015 and on Jabberwock from 2011. She’s appeared on two episodes of Flipping Out.

She had previously held several other jobs, working as a talent advisor for six months in 2009, and working as a case evaluator and loan consultant at the Federal Loan Modification Law Center.

Liat and Trevor got married on February 19, 2012. They were married for five years before pulling the plug. They have two children together.

It was Liat Gerszt who filed for divorce back in May 2018, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. She filed for a marriage dissolution/divorce, which means she’s not going for a legal separation first. The papers do not reveal a cause for divorce.

Flipping Out airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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