Lawrence feels the heat outside the kitchen as he and Ana argue on Hustle & Soul

Lawrence Page on Hustle and Soul
Lawrence Page on Hustle and Soul, he has big plans but he needs to sort his personal life too

This week on Hustle & Soul, Lawrence Page continues his efforts to make his Brooklyn soul food restaurant, The Pink Tea Cup, the best in town.

However, life is not just about business and he and his better half Ana sit down for a chat about their relationship.

Lawrence says at the moment his life feels like one big argument and that he’s trying to make some history.

Ana Hustle and Soul
Ana is missing some quality time with Lawerence

He says the mortgage is paid, the bills are paid and there is even a full time nanny looking after their son. He tells Ana “you have bags, you have have everything you need.”

However, she says he’s missing the point and that she wants her man to be there emotionally with her. She says he thinks about his customers, he thinks about his staff…he thinks about everyone except her.

Lawrence replies that he has thought about her and that the two of them created the greatest thing they could have, in the form of their young son.

Meantime, the crew are taken to a posh restaurant where Lawerence hopes they will get get some ideas and step up to the plate.

Hustle & Soul airs on Thursdays at 10 PM on WEtv.

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