Law & Order: Organized Crime recap: The Kosta arc comes to a powerful close

Law & Order Organized Crime
Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt) watch the Kostas on trial on Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2. Pic credit: NBC

The Kosta Organization arc came to a massive close on Law & Order: Organized Crime. 

Just as the dragnet closed in on the Kostas, Stabler and his team saw their gym explode, with Lewis caught in the blast.

It all came to a powerful end that closed out this arc of Season 2 while setting up further drama to come.

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The chase is on

Ashes to Ashes picked up right where we left off as Stabler and Bell were handling the explosion with poor Lewis lying dead on the ground as cops showed up. Kosta thugs on the roof began shooting at the cops, leading to a huge gunfight. 

Jet reported she had a video of Kosta and Albi entering the gym with others, but no one came out. The police raided the place, finding some bodies and a straggler. They discovered the corpse of the court stenographer, realizing she was the one who tipped the Kostas off. 

Stabler soon stumbled on a series of escape tunnels, but his radio’s static tipped off Albi and Kosta who were a few feet ahead. Kosta went ahead and, despite not wanting to, left Albi behind in a stolen ambulance.

Bell and Stabler were soon in hot pursuit as Kosta was trying to make it to a boat in the river for his escape. The ambulance crashed by the docks thanks to a random forklift worker with Kosta running off on foot but couldn’t catch the boat. Stabler caught up to finally arrest him, with Kosta shocked to realize “Eddie” had been setting him up this whole time. 

Elsewhere, Albi was breaking into a house to hide out and seeing news footage of the manhunt for him. The family’s kid had the bad luck to be home, although the good luck of an Albanian tattoo on his neck led Albi to spare his life. He called up Flutura to say he had a plan…unaware Bell and Stabler were with her. 

A tense showdown

Flutura was ticked to learn “Eddie” was a cop, with Bell realizing the two had a fling. On the balcony alone, Flutura saw Albi in an alley and their wordless exchange managed to warn him about the cops. With a sad smile, Albi tipped his hat to walk away. 

Stabler and Flutura had a confrontation with Flutura teasing Stabler would miss this whole life. He finally realized that she’d warned Albi off. 

Albi had picked up his secret lover Armend (Richard Buckman), who foolishly believed the pair were going to be heading off together. However, he got a wake-up call when he found a passport for Flutura among their belongings and he was the second choice. 

The cops tracked the pair to the docks, where they boarded a party boat, Albi knocking out the captain but unable to start the boat. As the cops arrived, Albi pulled a gun on Armend. 

Keeping up a trend, Albi was shocked to realize who “Eddie” really was, quickly demanding both a helicopter and Flutura. Stabler made it clear he hadn’t told anyone about Albi’s sexuality with Albi oddly moved Stabler meant that. 

Flutura arrived with Stabler claiming Armend was just a random hostage. Albi let Armend go with Flutura stating that Albi had once saved her life and this was her repaying the favor.

This led Albi to finally drop the gun and surrender himself and show how, despite everything, the pair really did love each other. He was led off even as he promised, “Eddie… I’ll see you again.”

It’s not quite over…

Stabler was mulling over the entire case at home while Bell felt a great relief with her wife that the case seemed to be over. The good mood ended with a phone call.

Reggie was expected to be heading into witness protection with his mother, only for the cops to arrest Agnes for tipping off Kosta, which violated her deal. 

In court, Kosta, Albi, Flutura and several other high-ranking members were brought out in chains, Albi spitting at Stabler while Agnes was wheeled in on a chair. Faking a coughing fit, Agnes grabbed a gun to fire at Stabler before being subdued. Stabler was rocked at how he’d survived the Kostas only to nearly have the elderly woman be the one who killed him. 

He and Bell reflected on the case, with Bell giving the all-important advice to come out of hiding.

Bell met with Nova, who revealed she was now promoted to “Vice-President” of the Marcy Killers. She was also shared how the meeting had Webb’s mentor…Congressman Kilbride, who told the group that he had been cultivating a friendship with Bell to have his back in the future. 

Somewhere in North Dakota, the man once known as Reggie Bogdani was working at a gas station and seemed to wonder if this was worse than prison. 

At home, Eli shared it was good to have his father home. Then, after thinking over the case again, Stabler finally shaved off the beard and put Eddie “Ashes” Wagner behind him once and for all. 

Thus, the first arc of Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime ends with the Kostas behind bars but the seeds for further drama with the Marcy Killers are laid out. 

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 returns with new episodes Thursday, December 9 at 10/9c on NBC.

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