Who got voted off Survivor last night? Season 38 Episode 8 recap as Lauren injured

Reward Challenge on Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Reward Challenge on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Pic credit: CBS

Lauren O’Connell, on Survivor: Edge of Extinction, had an important role within the latest episode of the show. Aurora McCreary also ended up having an important few moments on Survivor Wednesday night.

Season 38, episode 8 Survivor recap

The remaining 12 castaways were shown heading back to camp after an interesting Tribal Council. They had seen the three members of the Edge of Extinction jury (Aubry Bracco, Reem Daly, and Chris Underwood) and discussed theories about what was going on.

Joe Anglim, who was voted out on the last episode, was shown spending some time on Extinction Island. At one point, Joe could be seen crying, speaking to the camera about there being a reason he was on the island.

Reward Challenge

The 12 castaways were split into two teams of six members. It was an extensive challenge, involving climbing, swimming, and puzzle solving.  The team of Julia Carter, Victoria Baamonde, Eric Hafemann, Rick Devens, Wardog DaSilva, and Aurora McCreary won Chinese take-out.

Extinction Island

Aubry found an advantage to practice for an upcoming challenge and also a vote that she could give to someone still in the game. Finding both items put her in a power position midway through the episode.

Immunity Challenge

The latest Immunity Challenge involved balancing on a board while trying to keep a block wedged between their heads and a frame above them. The last castaway standing would win the challenge.

Wardog fell within 15 seconds of when the challenge started. Lauren O’Connell made it deep into the challenge but was noting that she was starting to feel dizzy. She then said she couldn’t see anything and passed out.

Lauren fell hard and host Jeff Probst called for the medical team. Victoria and Aurora were the last two remaining in the challenge and began negotiating as Lauren was still unconscious.

Lauren was treated and allowed to return to the game, as Aurora then won Individual Immunity.

Tribal Council

At the latest Tribal Council, there was a lot of debate about who might be getting voted off Survivor. Eric Hafemann got voted off Survivor in what turned out to be a shocking Tribal Council for him.

He became the eighth person voted out this season.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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