Last Outpost: New series premieres with TWO epic builds made to survive Alaskan wilderness

The 'unstoppable tow'
The ‘unstoppable tow’

New Discovery series Last Outpost premieres tonight, with TWO epic builds made to withstand the harsh terrain and weather of the Alaskan wilderness.

The show features backcountry builders Clint Greathouse and Todd Anderson as they and their team make one-off creations using nothing but recycled parts.

The best friend duo’s custom creations range from souped-up monster trucks to a survival pod made out of an old AIRPLANE, with all of them being built to help those living on the edge in the wilds of Alaska.

The pod is one of the two builds featured on the premiere, along with an “unstoppable” tow truck they create out of an old military aircraft tug vehicle.

The truck’s aim? To be able to travel almost anywhere across the toughest terrains while also pulling massive amounts of weight.

Clint and Todd’s “CT Mad Modz” metal fabrication company were tasked with creating the truck for the owner of an outback search and rescue tow service. 

The 'unstoppable tow'
Plans for the ‘unstoppable tow’ which the pair create on the Last Outpost premiere
Todd Anderson and Clint Greathouse
Todd, left, and Clint, right, the guys behind CT Mad Modz

Meanwhile, the survival pod sees the pair fit an old light aircraft fuselage with skis so it can be moved around in the snow, before being insulated so people can use it for safety in the treacherous Alaskan winter.

Throughout the season, Clint and Todd help their backcountry community survive and thrive with a string of other builds including an all-terrain wheelchair, a sawmill built from a school bus, a mining sluice rigged to an ATV, and a swamp and hunting boat built from an old military transport.

Watch our exclusive clip from the premiere above!

Last Outpost airs tonight at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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