Kyra Green from Love Island USA’s Instagram displays confidence, music, and celebrities

Kyra Green
Kyra Green shows confidence on her Instagram profile. Pic credit: CBS

Kyra Green entered Love Island USA after all of the contestants had been paired up. As host Arielle Vandenberg pointed out, this is Love Island USA and anything can happen. And just as everyone had found someone to bond with, she brings in Kyra.

Kyra is a confident woman from Los Angeles, who caught all of the guys’ attention when she entered the show.

You can find her on Instagram using the handle @kyra212green.

The 212green part of her name is actually a reference to her band with the same name. And on Instagram, she reveals that her beloved band members are the trusted confidants who will run her social media while she’s gone.

Even though Kyra is a beautiful woman with a modelesque appearance, it seems that her band look is a bit more rough and edgy.

Kyra also has some famous connections, as she isn’t afraid to show off a few celebrities on her Instagram. She posed with Machine Gun Kelly in one photo that was shared.

In another photo, she posed with Miranda Kerr.

On Love Island USA, Kyra revealed that she’s the kind of person who goes for what she wants. She claims she always gets what she wants, and that could be due to her confidence. Her Instagram photos reveal that she isn’t scared of posing for photos with skimpy bathing suits, showing off her body.

When Kyra entered Love Island USA, the guys were intrigued by her, but she was the one with the choice of who to partner with.

She revealed that she liked Yamen and Weston, two guys who are not only spoken for but are also very different. This caused some concern for some of the guests, as they felt she was a bit unpredictable in who she would go for.

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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