Kymera on Shark Tank: Can the motorized body boards’ return to the tank get a shark to bite?

Jason Woods and Adam Majewski return to Shark Tank representing Kymera
Can Jason Woods and Adam Majewski convince a shark to invest in Kymera? Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

On the next episode of Shark Tank, Jason Woods is returning to try and convince one of the sharks to invest in his motorized body boards for the second time.

This time around though, he’s brought a partner, Adam Majewski, and a better business plan in his effort to gain an investor from the ABC series.

Last time he jumped in the tank, Woods wasn’t successful. Instead, Mark Cuban called him a “wantrapreneur” and no one wanted to do business with Kymera.

The reason being that Jason Woods wasn’t ready for an investor and rather than having a product with a proven record of sales, he had a prototype.

Has he made enough progress since the disappointing 2013 appearance to leave with a different verdict this time?

Kymera offers a variety of motorized watercraft including body boards, surfboards, kayaks, and personal watercraft.

The price range runs from $2,995 to $5,995 and must be pre-ordered from the company. The wait time for a Kymera product is 4-6 weeks and does require a $500 deposit.

Those hoping to try it before they buy can actually check out Kymera boards and kayaks at retail locations located in six states and can be rented from four locations, including New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas and Alabama.

Kymera products can hold riders up to 200 pounds and reach top speeds of 13 to 20 mph, depending on the rider’s weight. They are battery operated and when fully charged, the life of the battery will last anywhere from 23 minutes to 2 hours, depending again on the rider’s weight and the type of activity.

Even though there is a Kymera surfboard, these products are meant for calm waters and are not intended for use in choppy water or waves.

Now that Kymera has been better established and proven to be a product that water lovers want, will the sharks want to make a deal? We’ll just have to tune in and see!

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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