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Kiwi PM Bill English and Davita receive John Oliver’s full wrath on Last Week Tonight

New Zealand Prime Minister has picked a fight with John Oliver

On Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver ripped New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English’s remarks about Oliver which were shown after the American comedy news show had poked fun at his legal handling of the Eminem song, Lose Yourself.

A video of the Prime Minister saying Oliver “isn’t very funny” on a New Zealand news broadcast was shown as Oliver proceeded to bash English, with a photo of the PM in a virtual reality headset and what Oliver described as the worst exercise video of him running and walking.

“Perhaps the worst thing English has ever been responsible for is the recent Facebook post where he writes,’Cooked dinner for the family last night…like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza’ with photos of canned spaghetti all over a revolting pizza he made,” said Oliver.

Oliver added: “Hard ‘no’ there Bill, I do not agree with canned spaghetti on pizza, Bill! A divorced dad cooking for his kids on the weekend wouldn’t do this…the caterer at Chef Boyardee’s funeral would not do this….this is an actual hate crime!”

Oliver never lets up on English in his withering diss of the Kiwi Prime minister, who he called: “The very poorest man’s Daniel Craig” Oliver pointed to the camera and said: “Careful Bill…Because when it comes to Kiwis, Johnny don’t play.”

The British-born host wasn’t playing. “Bill English must know that the moment he mentioned my name, I was going to immediately find the stupidest, most humiliating things about him that I could.”

The fun at English’s expense went on to culminate in a video of “a series of terrible pizzas that New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English would probably enjoy.”

This included a pizza topped with Altoids and Horse laxatives, a purebred golden retriever, blueberries, onions and a printed out copy of the Wikipedia entry for pizza and finally a pizza topped with 28 Blu-rays of Eight-Mile because “f*** you Bill!”

Oliver also went after Davita, a for-profit dialysis company. The oddball Davita CEO Kent J. Thiry likened his business to how a Taco Bell was run. Oliver noted that dialysis is the only medical procedure that has universal coverage aspect (thanks to former president Nixon) which has been monetized to fraudulent level, especially with Davita, who have paid out almost a billion dollars in fines and lawsuits for their churning of patients.

The industry overall too was reprimanded for the lack of education on available transplants for dialysis patients, bypassing the treatment.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday at 11:00 PM ET/PT on HBO.

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