Kimbella about to start WWIII as she disses Mendeecees on Love & Hip Hop season finale

Kimbella - Love & Hip Hop
Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop reaches a climax with plenty of fireworks

On this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, the women in Mendeecees’ life get together for a not quite cosy chat.

Mendeecees Harris has touched a lot of women’s lives on the show and when they all get together for a sit down, you can guarantee some sparks are going to fly. So it proves as the women argue over the party and their children, Kimbella just can’t help but say something.

A sit down goes as well as you'd expect
A sit down goes as well as you’d expect

She tells the women that it is all their baby-father Mendeecees doing. She says: “These women need to start respecting themselves and acknowledge the fact it’s  Mendeecees’ fault!”

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Also this week, Drewski gets some of his own medicine from Sky and Swift opens up to Cardi B.

Watch Love & Hip Hop – The Sit-Down Season 7 finale at 8 PM on VH1.

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