Kennedy Holmes from The Voice: All about 13-year-old whose ‘Turning Tables’ cover wowed judges

Kennedy Holmes, the 13-year-old singer on The Voice
Kennedy Holmes, who is just 13 years old, gave a stunning performance of Adele’s Turning Tables on The Voice. Pic credit: The Voice/NBC

Kennedy Holmes stunned The Voice judges when she started singing during auditions for this season of the show.

Footage from the premiere shows the 13-year-old performing an incredible rendition of Adele’s Turning Tables, leaving the judges and audience blown away by her talent.

Within seconds, the judges all turn their chairs around in the hopes Kennedy will join their respective teams — and that’s even before they find out she’s only 13.

Adam Levine turns around first, but it doesn’t take long before Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton do too.

“I think she could win. I really do,” Blake Shelton is seen saying to Jennifer Hudson.

“After 15 seasons, you really could become the absolute biggest thing to ever come from this show,” Adam Levine told Kennedy after her performance.

Holmes then revealed that her biggest wish was to sing with Jennifer Hudson, who promptly grabbed a microphone, and made her dream come true, with the pair doing a duet of Hudson’s song, I am Changing.

Needless to say, Kennedy is definitely someone to watch this season. But who is this amazing 13-year-old who blew the judges away with her first performance?

Meet Kennedy Holmes, a girl with big dreams. Her Instagram profile reveals she’s from Missouri, the Show-Me state. Her bio is also very revealing and in line with what people have already seen, reading: “Love to sing, dance & act… I also love [volleyball] & to have FUN. I’m an entertainer – I WAS BORN TO BE A [STAR].”

It sounds like that last bit may be true, as there’s already speculation that she could become the biggest star The Voice has ever seen.

In addition to singing, Holmes is also a gymnast. In one of her Instagram videos, she reveals she has a beam in her living room so she can practice. She also used the hashtag, #DeterminedToBeGreat.

Kennedy Holmes could be a triple threat — with her singing, dancing and acting talents. She also shared a video on her Instagram of her and her friend dancing a routine that they choreographed themselves.

Even though Kennedy is determined to be great, she still makes time for her friends and family. In fact, her Instagram account consists primarily of pictures of her friends and family.

It sounds like she already has lots of supporters who will cheer her on every week — and this was written before this season of The Voice even started.

The Voice begins tonight, Monday, Sept 24 at 8/7c on NBC.

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