Kendra Wilkinson’s brother Colin says her dad ‘just wants to be father of celebrity’

Kendra Wilkinson and her father and brother on Kendra on Top
Kendra Wilkinson and, left, her father and brother on Kendra on Top

Kendra Wilkinson’s brother Colin reveals on Kendra On Top this week that he thinks their dad is only interested one thing — being the father of a celebrity.

Eric walked out on the family after he and Kendra’s mom Patti divorced in 1994 when Kendra was just eight years old.

Kendra had an emotional reunion with him in 2014 after the pair were estranged for 20 years.

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On her show, Kendra has been trying to arrange a similar reunion between him and Colin and Patti.

But when Colin and Patti speak on the phone ahead of the planned reunion, he says of Eric: “His intentions are just, basically, to be the father of a celebrity.”

The first episode of tonight’s Kendra On Top double bill sees the build-up to the reunion, with Eric bringing his new wife.

The second episode sees the fallout threaten the opening night of her Las Vegas play.

Meanwhile, Kendra’s BFF Jessica Hall accuses Patti of calling her a “fame w***e”.

'Will Patti Show Up to Kendra's Big Night?!' Sneak Peek | Kendra on Top | WE tv

Kendra on Top airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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