Kendra Wilkinson flips after mom’s secret publisher meeting on Kendra on Top

Kendra Wilkinson looking angry on Kendra on Top
Kendra starts to fume after finding out about Patti’s secret meeting on Kendra on Top

Kendra Wilkinson hits the roof on Kendra on Top this week — after finding out that her mom Patti has met with a famous book publisher in secret.

Kendra thought that her mom’s plans for a tell-all book was “all talk” but when she meets with her manager Troy she finds out that Patti is much further down the line with her plans than thought.

Troy tells her how Patti has met with Judith Regan, the head of Phaidon Press’s Regan Arts division and the person behind a string of big books.

They include Howard Stern’s Private Parts and Son of Witch, Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men, and Gregory Maguire’s Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, which formed the basis for the musical Wicked.

Troy says of Judith: “She’s the real deal.”

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But when Kendra hears the news she immediately loses it and storms out to go and get answers.

She asks Troy: “Why didn’t she tell me this? This is f***ed up, man. I feel sick right now.”

This week’s first episode, titled Patti Meltdown, then sees Kendra race to San Diego to confront Patti before the pair clash.

In the second episode, Truce or Dare, Kendra gives her mom an ultimatum and also starts to try and learn her lines for her new play — with difficulty.

Meanwhile, Patti is encouraged to confront Kendra’s husband Frank Baskett, and he is stunned when she turns up uninvited.

Kendra on Top airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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