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Katie Belle on American Idol: Who is the model singer that made Luke Bryan ‘faint’?

Katie Belle's audition on American Idol
Katie Belle made Luke Bryan weak during her American Idol audition. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Belle turned a lot of heads during her American Idol audition. The model and singer belted out a beautiful version of The Beatles’ Golden Slumbers and it was so sweet that Luke Bryan feigned losing consciousness and when it came time to tell her if she was going to Hollywood, he didn’t hesitate to say yes.

When she first walked out on the stage, Katy Perry commented that Katie Belle looks like a supermodel. Luke Bryan called her the “Giselle of Georgia.” It turns out she does do a bit of modeling but she’s down to Earth enough to tell the judges that she’s trying to move beyond modeling because “beauty fades.”

So who is Katie Belle?

When Katie Belle took the stage for her American Idol audition, she told the judges that she was from Atlanta, Georgia. She also spelled out her name for Katy Perry, who told Katie Belle that it’s good she spelled her name the old fashioned way because there can only be one Katy spelled K-A-T-Y in a joking manner.

It turns out that Katie has been making music for most of her life and even prior to American Idol, she started to amass a following. She has an official website and her own channel on YouTube where she shows off her sweet voice, one that Katy Perry compared to the likes of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.

Katie Belle on YouTube

With 39 videos and more than 5,000 subscribers on YouTube, Katie Belle is already working on her fanbase and now that she’s been featured on American Idol, her numbers are sure to rise.

Some of Katie’s videos on YouTube are from modeling while others just show her life, like the one where she dyed her hair and another where she crashed a bridal shower.

There are also some music videos including one of her most recent songs, Down For You featuring JRyan that has 66,000 views in the last five months. You can watch it below.

Katie Belle also has a VEVO channel on YouTube where she shared the music video for the song American Wild from her first EP. That song was just released last year and has 274,000 views. The pop-country tune is infectious and it’s pretty clear that Katie has a bright future in music.

Katie Belle was the standout audition from the latest episode of American Idol and now she’ll have a chance to prove herself in Hollywood.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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