Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo from Married at First Sight update: Where are they now?

Kate and Luke from Mafs
Since their split, Kate has been traveling and starting a business while Luke has been doing interviews and discussing his matchmaking business. Pic credit: Lifetime

Viewers of Married at First Sight were thrilled when Season 8’s Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo decided to split up. Kate seemed to have been gaslighted by Luke, and he became an instant villain.

But what exactly came of this divorced couple from Philly after the cameras disappeared?

Where is Luke Cuccurullo now?

According to Luke’s Instagram page, he has been going to a lot of weddings since his season ended. He also has a podcast called Cuccurullo Conversations. The description for the podcast reads: Finding people with inspiring stories and sitting down listening to their journey through life.

In an interview with Azzara magazine, Luke revealed that the experience of the show was pretty awful. He said that his biggest regret was not writing his own narrative. “By staying quiet and trying to rock the boat as least as possible, I was able to be portrayed the way production wanted.”

Luke said that he and Will (Guess, Season 8) have stayed the closest since their season. Luke said that his biggest takeaway from the show was to remove himself from situations that do not make him happy. He also wants to have kids and get married again within the next five years.

As far as his speed dating business, Luke said it took a big hit from the show and he had to shut the company down.

He said, “Once you are a villain on reality TV, there is a message board of moms who want to seek out and destroy everything about you. Anything you do, a hoard of angry viewers will rate you the lowest and leave the nastiest comments. I had multiple calls to my secretary at work from random strangers telling her to fire me.”

What has Kate Sisk been up to since her time on MAFS?

Kate has been doing a lot of traveling since the show aired, according to her Instagram. She went to Switzerland in 2019.

She also started a lingerie company called Hidden Intimates. The website for the company reads: “Hidden Intimates’ collection is curated to help remind women to love themselves – Piece by piece.”

She spent the holidays with her beautiful mother as her plus one.

She still seems close to the women of her season, having thrown a pajama party for Hidden Intimates and most of the ladies attending.

Here’s to hoping both Kate and Luke continue their success.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday 8/7c on Lifetime.

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