Kason Lester American Idol audition: Strawberry farmer hears he is ‘top 10 material’ from Katy Perry

Kason Lester during his American Idol audition
Kason Lester made it to Hollywood on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Kason Lester may be top 10 American Idol material if the judges have their say. The strawberry farmer came to the audition prepared, making sure he had homemade goodies from his farm back home.

Taking a shot in the country genre, he was able to impress the judges. There were some critiques given to Kason Lester which will hopefully allow him to go through beyond Hollywood and give him a shot at the top 10  — a finish that Katy Perry believes he deserves.

The audition

For the audition, Katon Lester sang When I’m Holding Her. He did a really good job, though Luke Bryan wanted him to make some tweaks, noting that it was apparent he was nervous.

All in all, the vocals were believable, giving American Idol viewers hope that he would be seen moving forward.

YouTube channel

As of now, Kason Lester has just 136 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he has a few videos posted that showcase his talent. Country music appears to be the genre he loves, but with a cover of Daughtry also on the channel, it is possible for him to branch out.

With the idea that he could be a top 10 American Idol contender, there is a lot ahead of him. Kason Lester has a lot going for him and when he gets going over the next several weeks, he is going to show America why he could be the next American Idol.

American Idol returns Sunday, March 10 at 8/7c on ABC.

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