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Kardashian attorney Laura Wasser swerves questions about KUWTK family, Angelina Jolie divorce, gives great advice to couples about getting married

Laura Wasser on her laptop in her office
Laura Wasser is one of the leading celebrity divorce attorneys in the United States

Being a high profile attorney to the celebs has its perks. After all, people like Laura Wasser are privy to some of the biggest celebrity secrets in Hollywood after working on divorce cases for A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and even J.Lo.

While she may know all the secrets, don’t expect Wasser to start spilling them now. Attorney-client privilege means that she is a vault of great information. And we mean vault because she’s keeping all their secrets safe.

During a recent appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, Laura Wasser was asked about her work with the Kardashians. She maintained that they are “lovely clients” but that she just doesn’t know them that well.

Um, except for the part where she represented Kim Kardashian during her divorce from Kris Humphries.  It’s no secret that the relationship between Kim and Kris got pretty ugly after they decided to throw in the towel after just 77 days of marriage. How much might Laura Wasser really know?

In any case, she also represented Angelina Jolie in her divorce from Billy Bob Thornton. There are reports that she quit on Angelina during her ongoing divorce battle with Brad Pitt, however, she was not speaking about that during the interview as well.

So what does one of the most famous celebrity divorce attorneys talk about during a radio interview? It makes sense that Wasser can’t and won’t talk about her clients or cases but she did open up about a few celebrities.

When asked about whether Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had a chance at a nice, long marriage or if they were doomed due to their celebrity status, Laura Wasser weighed in. She said, “I think they have as good of a chance as anybody else, honestly.”

Laura Wasser did offer up a bit of advice for those hoping to avoid a huge nasty divorce but it means being a bit proactive when your relationship is brand new. She suggested asking hard and important questions before getting married in order to know more about a potential partner’s spending habits and other issues that might cause problems later on.

As for why Wasser might be granting interviews despite not be able to talk about her high profile clients or their juicy divorce secrets, well that’s simple. Earlier this year, the celebrity divorce attorney launched a new website with a catchy name so that anyone, including non-celebrities, can dispatch their divorces online and without even having to set foot in a courtroom.

The service is called It’s Over Easy and no, she’s not making eggs. This is possibly the easiest way to get a divorce nowadays and with more than two decades of experience navigating the process, Laura Wasser is the perfect person to head it.