Kanga on Shark Tank: Is The Kase Mate a cooler way to keep drinks cold?

Teddy Giard, Logan Lamance and Austin Maxwell are hoping Kanga can get a deal on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Kanga was formed by five friends who were looking for a better way to keep their beer cold. Looking for a way to enjoy a cold brew without lugging a huge ice chest or having a short time frame to have a cold drink, they created The Kase Mate.

Now, they are presenting on Shark Tank in hopes to convince a shark to invest in this lightweight cooler that they claim will keep drinks cold for hours longer than other coolers.

The Kase Mate boasts that it is 45 pounds lighter than other coolers and the best part is that it doesn’t require ice.

When it comes to cost, this premium product won’t cost a premium either as The Kase Mate retails for $30 compared to costs of $245 and more for bigger coolers and the cost of filling them with ice for summer.

The better drink cooler design will hold a 12 or 24 pack case of canned drinks in the most space-saving way.

This means that not only will it take up less space, but The Kase Mate is also easier to carry along on trips to the beach, camping or whatever activity where you’d like to enjoy a cool beverage.

Is this enough to win over the sharks? We’ll just have to tune in and see if any of them opt to invest in Kanga and the friends behind The Kase Mate.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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