K. Michelle’s butt implants before and after — Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood to highlight singer’s surgeries

K. Michelle in a frilly pink dress for the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood intro
K. Michelle changed her body up but this time, it was so she could feel better

When K. Michelle joined Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, she looked way different. Known for her coke bottle figure, big attitude and even bigger vocal abilities, the new and improved version of the V.S.O.P singer is much slimmer than before.

K Michelle hasn’t been shy about sharing news about her decision to remove her implants and has even admitted that some of the work was done illegally by a man who wasn’t even a doctor.

In an interview with People back in June, K. Michelle admitted that she had multiple surgeries in order to obtain the coke bottle curves that she wanted so badly. At first, she had fat transfers to remove fat from her stomach and move it to her buttocks in order to shape that area the way that she wanted.


It wasn’t enough though and the Love & Hip Hop star decided she wanted to be even curvier. Having heard that her favorite rapper was having silicon implanted, K. Michelle was sold.

The procedure, administered illegally by a man who was not a doctor, was dubbed “hydrogel.” K. Michelle had those hydrogel injections in her hips and buttocks to further enhance her curves.

Adding killer curves to her petite frame may have helped K. Michelle, or maybe it didn’t. There’s really no way to know for sure.

It was soon after having the risky procedures done that K. Michelle’s popularity began to rise. She landed a spot on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and her music started getting more and more attention.

K. Michelle said in the interview that she was happy with her altered backside for about five years. Then, she started to not feel good and after getting a full health exam, it was determined that the silicon was causing her headaches, back and leg pain and fatigue.

The first attempt to remove the illegal silicone injections almost killed K. Michelle. When a plastic surgeon tried to suck the enhancements out, they instead started spreading and took two blood transfusions to get the singer back on track.

Now, K. Michelle has had four surgeries just to remove her butt and thigh implants in an attempt to restore her health and it is working! The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star is back to work after months of recovery and has even said that she will be getting more reconstructive surgery soon to fix some of what was damaged.

It’s no secret that K. Michelle was beautiful with her accented curves but now that she’s gone back to natural, she is breathtaking. We’ve shared a few pictures of the R&B singing reality star to show the drastic before and after as well as how much healthier and happier she looks now.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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