Justice With Judge Jeanine previews the third presidential debate and still backs Trump

Former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro
Former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro talks about this week’s campaigning on Justice With Judge Jeanine

Tonight on Justice With Judge Jeanine – a preview of the third presidential debate and all the latest from the campaign trail.

Judge Jeanine also says she still supports Donald Trump despite being appalled by the interview that recently surfaced where Trump let out some pretty misogynistic rippers.

She tells viewers: “I still without a doubt support Donald Trump.”

“Look, you’ve got two options. A guy who admits he has a past and has spent his life building an empire in the rough and tumble world of real estate, entertainment and television both for and with his family.”

“Whose life direction wasn’t about angling to get to the White House or a double talking woman who hides the truth, lies about practically everything, can’t figure out what she did with 6 billion of State Department dollars and when presented with the unassailable truth arrogantly responds don’t believe your lying eyes.”

You can watch the rest of Former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro’s explanation in the clip below.

Catch Justice with Judge Jeanine tonight at 9 PM on Fox News Network.

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