Julian King and Denton Arnell perform Bruno Mars’ Grenade on The Voice

Julian King and Denton Arnell perform Grenade on The Voice
Julian King and Denton Arnell perform Grenade on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

The two soulful men from John Legend’s first team on The Voice performed Bruno Mars’s Grenade during the battle rounds on this week’s episode of The Voice.

The performance was captivating and moving, the two independent singers joining for a wonderful duet. Of course, we know that not everyone is a winner on The Voice.

The battle round champion

Denton Arnell and Julian King’s rendition of Grenade was something that we think even Bruno Mars would be impressed with. The two men sang together and matched each other, bouncing off of each other’s energy.

Both of the men sang with a lot of strength and talent, but Julian King stole the show with his range of runs during the song. John Legend was so proud of the two that it was visibly a hard choice for the pop singer to make, but he chose carefully.

Although many fans might disagree, it’s clear that John Legend knows how to pick artists that have a lot of potential. Denton Arnell offered a great performance, but Julian King’s style matches a lot of music that Legend has created and enjoyed himself.

Arnell was not stolen by another judge, but we know that he has potential. After all, you don’t propose and become engaged on The Voice without making your mark in the entertainment industry.

The sweet and humorous proposal

After Denton Arnell performed his blind audition and was chosen to be on The Voice, he made a move that won the hearts of fans.

He asked if his girlfriend at the time could join him on the stage, and the judges were welcoming of this decision. What they didn’t know was that they would be experiencing a proposal on their stage.

Arnell proposed and won the hearts of judges and fans alike, as well as his now-fiance. It was a very sweet proposal and probably somewhat of a dream being able to propose on the stage of The Voice.

During the exchange, the couple accidentally head-butted, causing some giggles and chuckles from the audience and judges alike. However, the head-butt didn’t make the proposal any less sweet.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC. 

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