Juelz tells Drewski to be less FBI with Sky on Love & Hip Hop

Drewski and Juelz chat
Drewski and Juelz have a man-to-man on Love & Hip Hop

This week on Love & Hip Hop, Drewski joins Juelz and Cam’ron at a community basketball event but what he really needs is relationship advice.

DJ Drewski tells the boys things have been getting serious with Sky, with the pair moving in together.

DJ Drewski
DJ Drewski knows it was a bit sneaky but he say that he wanted to know how far Sky would go

However, he has noticed that Sky has some big trust issues and checks his phone messages. He even set up his laptop to record whilst he had a shower and left his phone in plain sight. Sure enough as soon as he was gone, Sky checked his phone messages and voicemails for about 10 minutes.

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Juelz sympathises and says it has happened to him, but his advice is to be less FBI and instead talk to Sky. He reckons some good communication and getting to the bottom why she is so paranoid might be a better idea than just spying on her.

Sky caught on film checking Drewski's phone
Sky caught on film checking Drewski’s phone

The basketball event is an annual give back to the community, to try and show local kids that there is stuff for them to do outside of getting involved with gangs.

Also on this episode, Peter advises Rick to make up with Cisco and MariahLynn and Major Galore have a shot at Powerhouse.


Catch Love & Hip Hop – Don’t Mess With the Exes at 8 PM on VH1.

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