Josh Gates’ Destination Truth explore ‘haunted’ mining towns in Chile

Josh Gates' Destination Truth
Josh Gates’ Destination Truth investigates some of the many abandoned mining towns in Chile

This week Josh Gates’ Destination Truth has the team searching abandoned mines in Chile and searching for a watery monster in New Zealand.

Chile has many abandoned mining towns but the two that Josh visits have been the sight of some rather strange activity. Locals have reported seeing shadowy shapes moving about the empty towns and also hearing strange and disturbing sounds.

Some ghost towns, like Humberstone, are so well preserved that they are now United Nations World Heritage Sites, but are some of them home to more than interesting history?

The stories are also quite similar to the ones coming out of a ghost town in Namibia, that Josh and team have also investigated.

Later Josh and the team head to New Zealand where a local Maori village is reported to have been attacked by some sort of aquatic creature. A lot of Maori legends and myths date back to their Polynesian origins and include some fairly colorful and sometimes quite scary characters.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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