Josh Denny’s Ginormous Food premieres tonight on Food Network

Denny will try out some mammoth meals for size in Ginormous Food on Food Network

Food really is a glorious thing — and nobody loves it more than comedian Josh Denny, whose new program Ginormous Food premieres tonight on Food Network.

We’re not talking nibbly finger-food and canapes here, we’re talking real food…BIG food.

The show sees Denny go far and wide across the country in search of America’s most gut-busting dishes.

Tonight’s premiere pilot episode sees Denny check out a barbecue brute called the Big Mac Daddy which measures 2 feet long, as well as the Nacho Macho Burger which weighs 5lbs — about the same as your standard laptop. But we can guarantee it doesn’t come with micro-chips.

There’s also the 62-inch pizza — yup 62-INCH — at Big Lou’s, which could probably feed a small army.

Denny has never been shy of his love of food and has turned his brand of humor to the subject before on his March of the Pigs podcast.

He made his name on the comedy circuit in Minneapolis and Chicago, with his hilarious blend of “East Coast Grit and Midwest Wit”.

Watch Ginormous Food on Food Network tonight at 8pm EDT.

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