Jorgie on American Idol: Watch his impression of Katy Perry that Luke Bryan calls ‘spot on’

Jorgie during his audition on American Idol
Jorgie is headed to Hollywood on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Jorgie made a huge impression on the American Idol judges when he arrived with his band to perform an original song. His band is Jorgie and the Jorgies, which gave the impression that it may not have been a serious audition.

That all changed when Jorgie opened his mouth and began to sing the song he wrote about a boy he liked. After that, it was almost a straight shot to Hollywood.

Katy Perry impression on American Idol

When Jorgie and his band walked into the room, he was definitely larger than life. Dressed in a half-shirt and pinkish jacket complete with sunglasses on his face, it was certain that the audition would be over-the-top.

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He did a Katy Perry impression that made the judges laugh, with Luke Bryan cosigning on the fact that it was “spot on” in regards to his fellow judge. Jorgie got Perry’s attention, and when he opened his mouth to sing, everyone gave him their time.

The song

Revealing that he had recently come out as gay, Jorgie talked about the song Heaven he wrote for a boy he liked. This boy had no idea there were feelings there because he had not yet come out to the world.

Luke Bryan prompted him to name who the song was about and Jorgie obliged by saying, “Jeffery.”

His voice was larger than life, earning him a golden ticket to Hollywood. There will be plenty more of Jorgie to be seen!

American Idol returns Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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