Jessica Walter was on Good Girls and we nearly died

Jessica Walter
Jessica Walter plays Dean Boland’s mother Judith in Good Girls. Pic credit: NBC

Jessica Walter’s fans were shocked to see her guest starring as Dean’s mom Judith on Good Girls Season 2, Episode 9, titled One Last Time, which aired on Sunday, April 28.

Jessica Walter is best known to her younger fans for her starring role as Lucille, George Bluth’s alcoholic wife on the sitcom Arrested Development.

Walter appeared on Sunday’s episode of Good Girls as Dean Boland’s previously unknown mom, Judith.

Emma’s party was at Judith’s house. Judith cut the cake, but more importantly, she revealed to Beth why Dean behaves the way he does. Dean takes after his father, Judith revealed.

“Did Dean tell you what’s going on?” Beth asked Judith.

“He told me why he left,” Judith answered.

“What did he say?” Beth wanted to know.

“That he’s too much like his father,” the old lady answered.

Fans went wild with excitement to see Jessica Walter on the show, many not expecting to see her guest starring on Good Girls. Fans took to Twitter after the show on Sunday to express their amazement and surprise at Walter playing a guest star role as Dean’s mother on Good Girls.

Besides her role as Lucille on Arrested Development, Walter is also known for playing Pat in Grand Prix (1966), Libby MacAusland in The Group (1966), and Evelyn in Play Misty for Me (1971).

She portrayed Amy Prentiss in the show of the same name (1974), voiced Fran Sinclair in Dinosaurs (1991-1994), and Malory Archer in FX’s Archer (2009).

She also appeared as Tabitha Wilson in  90210 (2008-2009).

In 1975, She won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series for her role in Amy Prentiss (1974). In 2005, she was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Arrested Development (2003).

Jessica Walter was born in January 1941 and is a graduate of New York’s High School of the Performing Arts, and the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.

Her credits also include on- as well as off-Broadway productions.

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