Jennifer Coolidge and Jere Burns spar over Sid as guest stars on The Cool Kids

Guest star Jennifer Coolidge, Leslie Jordan and guest star Jere Burns in The Cool Kids. Pic credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Jennifer Coolidge is best known for her unforgettable roles in the American Pie movies, Legally Blonde, A Cinderella Story, Christopher Guest films like Best in Show and most recently 2 Broke Girls.

She just returned to television as Sid’s (Leslie Lordan) spirited ex-wife Bonnie, who came all the way from Texas to meet his new boyfriend John (Jere Burns) on Fox’s The Cool Kids.

All didn’t go well, but what fun would it be if it did?

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Their breast-filled greeting was enough to make Hank (David Allan Grier) envious. Their closeness and that they still celebrate their anniversary each year, and surprise, that they are, in fact, still married made John very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Margaret (Vicki Lawrence) and the other boys are planning an excursion to a Fleetwood Mac concert, complete with weed-infused gummi bears. Of course, Hank is not as in-the-know as his buddies, drunk with power as the driver of the van.

In order to get Hank to be easier to deal with, they give him some of the gummi bears.

Sid feels guilty for pretending to be straight for so long (how that ever happened is actually a bigger shock) and he doesn’t want to hurt her. John lets him know that Bonnie isn’t really able to move on until he sets her free.

When Sid tries to ask Bonnie for a divorce, her Southern temper gets the better of her and her aggression switches from Sid to John.

Sid wasn’t quite as honest as he should have been when sharing this news with John. Sid also lied to Bonnie to put the blame on John to avoid getting in more trouble. This didn’t work out so well.

So, Charlie (Martin Mull), Hank and Margaret are on the side of the road en route to the concert (Charlie and Margaret shouldn’t have given Hank any of the special gummi bears).

Sid and Bonnie have an honest conversation about moving forward and own up to their codependence. Their close bond will surely continue, but they may be able to move forward in their lives.

The road trippers get deep discussing aging, but still having a lot of first times to look forward to, such as getting Hank high.

The buddies enjoy watching the now sober Hank take the frisky Bonnie to the airport, thus entering a new chapter.

We hope Bonnie will come back soon with a love interest to challenge Hank in the near future.

Leslie Jordan, guest star Jere Burns, Vicki Lawrence, Martin Mull, David Alan Grier and guest star Jennifer Coolidge on The Cool Kids. Pic credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX.

The Cool Kids airs on Fridays at 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT on Fox.

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