Jeff tries to teach the bears to den and hibernate on Project Grizzly

Project Grizzly den building
Jeff trying to get Bob and Screech interested in dens and used to being in an enclosed space

This week on Project Grizzly, Jeff tries to teach the bears about hibernation.

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen him teach Bob and Screech how to scavenge and hunt with mixed result.

Now, he needs to try and prepare them for winter but will that just come naturally to the grizzlies or will Jeff need to use his blue sky thinking to get them interested in making a den?

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Grizzly bears typically for 5–7 months each year, if there is a seasonal winter. In states where the climate is warm most of the year they do not usually hibernate at all.

Bear injury
Jeff gets really close to the bear and last week he was accidentally swiped whilst playing with them

In order to hibernate successfully the bears need to build a den and also eat a huge amount of food in preparation for the fast that lasts their entire time they are asleep.

Usually they will wait until just after a large snowfall before entering their den for winter, this is to help reduce the chance of any predator finding the den.

Watch Project Grizzly – Teenage Bears tonight at 10 PM on Animal Planet.

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