Jeff Lewis’ grandma died last month: Flipping Out scenes show her rushed to hospital

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis’ grandmother suffers a health issue, causing him more stress than usual. Pic credit: Bravo

Jeff Lewis got a call about his grandmother, Patty, before last week’s episode ended. He was driving to his grandmother’s house, telling his assistant Tyler Meyerkorth that the neighbor had found her. Before viewers could learn what had gone wrong, the screen turned black and the episode ended.

During tonight’s episode, fans will learn what happened to Jeff’s grandmother. In the preview for the episode, Jeff is stressed out more than usual because of his grandmother’s medical issues.

While editing may have made it seem like she had died, since Jeff reveals that the neighbor found her, she didn’t pass away during filming. However, since this was filmed in the spring, it’s possible that she will fully recover from this issue – whatever it may be.

However, on Thursday, September 13, Jeff Lewis revealed that his grandmother had indeed passed away. Patty had been on the show for years, and during the sixth season of the show, Lewis was working with her to renovate her house. This opinionated woman had plenty of things to say about his design plans and it was clear that he got his loud mouth from her.

Lewis told viewers that he was close to his grandmother because he lost his mother at an early age.

“My grandmother’s my mother’s mother, but my mom died when I was 18, and there’s no one to really take care of her, watch her, so I’ve taken on that role because she was so good to me when I was a kid,” Jeff revealed during an episode of Flipping Out.

Sadly, Flipping Out will end after this current season. Beginning back in 2007, Jeff Lewis will be ending his Bravo run after 11 seasons.

Jeff has revealed that it was probably Jenni Pulos’ termination and the abuse allegations that caused Bravo to pull the plug on the show, but he hinted that pending lawsuits from their surrogate for sharing personal videos from the birth of Monroe could also have played a role.

Flipping Out airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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